Memories · November 24, 2018
A recurring dream from the past came back to me when I least expected it...

Viewpoints · February 28, 2018
Some thoughts provoked by the movie "Before Summer Ends". When reality and fiction blend and mirror each other.

Memories · December 17, 2017
A piece of automatic writing (in Spanish) I did a few years ago during rehearsals for the play "Tinta". Back then, I was dealing with my mother's illness and death.

Viewpoints · December 14, 2017
My thoughts about lessons from Butoh dance that can be applied to the actor's work.

Random Happenings · April 02, 2017
Found a beautiful garden in Streatham!

Random Happenings · March 20, 2017
A friend of mine used to say: "Lo que conviene, viene". It literally translates as "What's convenient [for you] will come [to you]". Sometimes you just have to adjust your pace and allow life to happen.
Memories · January 31, 2017
I came to London for the very first time on a day like this 10 years ago with a friend. We stayed for 3 days, and we were up for an interesting start.