Still from "In the Seventh Circle" - CNT Costa Rica
Still from "In the Seventh Circle" - CNT Costa Rica

Paula grew up in Costa Rica and it was there where she started her theatre career.

Soon after beginning her studies at the Dramatic Arts School of the University of Costa Rica, she was cast in the National Theatre Company's production of "Bicycles Are For the Summer". From that moment on, Paula kept working regularly in both official and independent companies, performing in a variety of roles from traditional drama and comedy to experimental theatre. Besides acting, she took part in many independent projects as a production assistant, director and stage designer, gaining a broad experience in the different areas of the performing arts.
In parallel to her artistic career, Paula also worked as a teacher in the University of Costa Rica where she was in charge of the Directing for the Stage course.
The desire to get in touch with her Spanish roots made her move to Asturies, the place of origin of her maternal grandparents. Besides acting, Paula always loved art; she enrolled in courses about interior design and printmaking techniques at the Oviedo Art School. She also attended one year at the Superior School of Dramatic Art, where she acquired a deeper knowledge of classical Spanish theatre. 
In 2012, Paula moved from Spain to London, looking to develop her skills further and to expand her acting career. She started training in the Meisner Technique and performing Shakespeare with the salon:collective. Paula kept working actively with the Spanish Theatre Company from 2014 until 2017. She was part of the collaboration team behind the opening of the Cervantes Theatre, the first venue in London dedicated entirely to staging Spanish and Latin American theatre, with a bilingual programming.


Paula is currently based in Budapest, Hungary.